Bhubaneswar: In a riveting tale of betrayal, political machinations, and a relentless pursuit of justice, Kanccha Lannka presents “Barang 1999.” This Odia cinematic masterpiece, produced in collaboration with Camera Queen Production and co-produced by Himadri Tanya Das, is set to captivate audiences with its compelling narrative.

Directed by the talented Ajay Padhi, the film explores the labyrinth of political power games in 1999, where two influential leaders engage in a high-stakes battle for supremacy. At the heart of this intense showdown is a courageous woman whose quest for justice transforms into a full-fledged war against the prevailing political order.

Featuring an ensemble cast led by Chitta Ranjan Tripathy, Sukumar Tudu, Supriya Nayak, and others, “Barang 1999” promises to deliver a rollercoaster of emotions and suspense. The film’s concept, crafted by Dilip Bisoi, and gripping dialogues by Nishant Majithia set the stage for an unforgettable cinematic experience.

The secret unveiling video, released in 2023, offers a sneak peek into the hidden layers of the plot, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating the big screen premiere. Stay connected with Kanccha Lannka for an immersive journey into the mysteries that unfold, as the film promises to unravel the secrets that lie beneath the surface.

As the anticipation builds, shower this cinematic treasure with an enormous outpouring of love, and join us on this thrilling adventure when “Barang 1999” hits the silver screen. Together, let’s unlock the mysteries and witness a cinematic spectacle that transcends boundaries.


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