Bhubaneswar: Once upon a time in the vibrant streets of Kolkata, Lubun and Prritha, two souls deeply connected through dance, embarked on a mesmerizing journey directed and produced by the dynamic duo, Lubun-Tubun. This tale of love and rhythm unfolded with the enchanting odia song “Ekda Ekda Ra,” a creation brought to life by the artistic vision of Lubun-Tubun.

Lubun-Tubun Dance Group, led by the creative heads themselves, choreographed spellbinding sequences that added a touch of magic to the narrative.The captivating lyrics penned by AB Abhishek, combined with the soulful voices of Humane Sagar and Antarikshyaa Nayak, elevated the emotions of Lubun and Prritha’s love story. Rudra Prasad’s musical genius provided the perfect backdrop, creating an atmosphere filled with passion and tenderness. As the audio echoed through the airwaves, SS Films odia proudly presented this masterpiece, inviting audiences to immerse themselves in the magic of “Ekda Ekda Ra.” Odia entertainment as the media partner, played a crucial role in spreading the word, ensuring that the tale reached every corner of the entertainment world.

Now,it’s time for the audience to shower their love and support upon this musical journey. Let the beats of “Ekda Ekda Ra” resonate in your hearts, as Lubun and Prritha dance their way into your souls, leaving an everlasting impression of love, rhythm, and artistic brilliance.


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