Bhubaneswar: Today marks the 93rd birth anniversary of the iconic Lata Mangeshkar, a maestro who painted the air with over 30,000 songs across 36 languages. In this lyrical journey, her timeless Odia classics, ‘Sei Chuna Chuna Tara Phula Aaji’ from Suryamukhi (1963) and ‘Aaji Mun Shrabani Luhara Harini Jeun Rajani ‘ for Arundhati (1967), stand as monument of musical brilliance.

Notably, these cinematic gems not only resonated emotionally but also earned national acclaim, bagging the best odia Feature Film awards in 1963 and 1967.The maestro behind this harmonious magic was the legendary Odia music director Shantanu Mohapatra.

As the Twitterverse unfolded moments frozen in time, a snapshot revealed Lata Mangeshkar immersed in the magic of ‘Sei Chuna Chuna Tara Phula Aaji,’ surrounded by lyrical genius Guru Krushna Goswami, her brother Hridaynath Mangeshkar, and the visionary Jatin Das.

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Film critic Surya Deo unveiled the Mumbai connection, revealing that Lata Mangeshkar, the songstress with a golden voice,took a day to grasp the emotions embedded in ‘Sei Chuna Chuna Tara Phula Aaji.’ On the odyssey of ‘Aaji Mun Shrabani Luhara Harini Jeun Rajani,’ challenges with odia pronunciation were gracefully conquered, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of Odisha.

Delving into the anecdotes, film critic Surya Deo, with a twinkle in his critical eye, affirmed that Lata Mangeshkar’s meticulous approach. “It took her a day to grasp the emotional depth of ‘Sei Chuna Chuna Tara Phula Aaji’ before she agreed to immortalize it in her voice,” he revealed.

He continued, recounting the dedication she exhibited in overcoming linguistic hurdles. “While recording, ‘Aaji Mun Shrabani Luhara Harini Jeun Rajani’, Lata faced pronunciation challenges with some Odia words,but her mastery prevailed. Her Odia accent was so impeccable that many believed it to be the work of a native Odia singer,” Surya Deo added.

As we commemorate this musical luminary onher 93rd birth anniversary, Lata Mangeshkar’s resonant voice echoes through the ages, leaving an indelible mark on Odia cinema and the hearts of its people. Her legacy remains, an everlasting memory for generations to cherish.


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