Bhubaneswar: In this captivating Odia mega serial witness the enigmatic tale of Kedara and Gouri, childhood sweethearts separated by fate. The story unfolds as the exchanged cherished toys that hold the key to their shared memories. Now a wealthy man,Kedara returns, but Gouri awaits him with a heart full of love.

However,unknown circumstances forced Kedara in a complicated situation with another woman, leaving Gouri in a dilemma. As Kedara’s unwavering live battles mysterious forces, join us every night at 8:30pm starting from February 12th on Siddharth TV to unravel the secrets of “Kedara Gouri.” Starring Swastik Mohanty, Rupali Mishra, and Mithi, this saga promises to keep you hooked with its intriguing plot and uncharted mysteries.


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