Bhubaneswar: In the quaint town of Cuttack, where tradition meets modernity, the lives of two individuals, Swaraj and Upasana, intertwine in the enchanting odia movie “Khoka Bhai Tuma Paen.” Directed by the visionary Girish Mohanty, this cinematic journey is set to the soulful tunes of legendary Akshay Mohanty, promising a nostalgic trip down memory lane for the older generation and a fresh burst of energy for the youth.

As the music composed by Akshay Mohanty, weaves through the storyline, it breathes life into Lt. Shri Akshay Mohanty’s timeless songs, creating a unique crossroad where past and present converge. Swaraj, a vibrant young man, finds himself caught between the echoes of tradition and the beats of modernity, symbolized by his chance encounter with Upasana, a spirited girl with dreams as vast as the Mahanadi river.

Against the backdrop of Kuhu Cine Flicks’ production, this tale unfolds, where love,laughter, and the magic of Akshay Mohanty’s melodies brings together generations. Brace yourselves for a roller-coaster of emotions, as “A symphonyof sibling love” promises to be an entertaining yet heart-touching odia movie set to release in 2024. Stay connected for updates and get ready to experience the timeless charm of Odia cinema.


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