Bhubaneswar: In a quaint village of Odisha, where tradition intertwine with the essence of life, “Samarpan: Guruji Namaskar ” unfolds a riveting tale of a guru and his disciples.Directed by Jitendriya Pradhan and produced by Sanket Tripathy and the Undergrads along with Lamel 18 banners, this cinematic masterpiece delves into the sacred bond between mentor and student.

The movie set to grace the screens in January 2024, not only captures the essence of an orthodox guru- disciple relationship but also pays homage to the forgotten traditions that once shaped our society. Unveiled in a grand event at a Bhubaneswar hotel,the film’s title and poster hint at a narrative focused on teacher’s transformative impact on education through personal sacrifices.

Superstar Teriyao Mohapatra, excited about the revival of this sacred tradition in cinema, expressed that “Guruji Namaskar ” rekindles the beautiful essence of guru-disciple relationships in orthodox cinema.

Highlighting the heart of the story, the film revolves around the rural teacher’s unwavering dedication to education, creativity, and the crucial role of family support. It beautifully portrays the symbiotic relationship between teachers and students,proving that with motivation, success becomes an inevitable outcome.Siddhant Mohapatra leads a stellar cast, promising to deliver a cinematic experience that resonates with the soul.

As we eagerly await the release, stay tuned for updates on the movie’s soundtrack, cast details, reviews,budget informations and the box office collections. Embark on this thrilling cinematic journey with “Samarpan: Guruji Namaskar ,” where education, art,and life converge to weave a transformative narrative of rural Odisha.


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