Bhubaneswar: In a mesmerizing musical spectacle, Sonu Nigam took center stage at #EkamraUtsav, transforming the night into an enchanting journey through melodies that echoed long before his nationwide fame.

The Bollywood sensation not only treated the audience to chart-topping hits but also shared captivating anecdotes, weaving a connection with the crowd. Nigam’s performance at #EkamraUtsav was a harmonious blend of entertainment and emotion, showcasing his versatility and ensuring an unforgettable experience for the thousands gathered.

Melodious Odyssey:
Sonu Nigam unveiled his fascinating connection with Odisha, where he first gained fame, turning the event into a haven of soulful melodies. The night resonated with hundreds of Odia songs, taking the audience on a nostalgic journey through Nigam’s musical roots in the state.

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Odia Overture:
In a tale spanning three decades, Nigam humorously claimed a profound love affair with Odisha, joking about a past life in the state. The cultural tapestry unfolded as he expressed joy in being part of one of India’s most traditional and culturally vibrant regions, forging a strong bond through language and songs.

Notes of Nostalgia:
The night became heartwarming as Nigam reminisced about his first meeting with Shri Naveen Pattnaik, reflecting on the invitation that brought him to Odisha. His sentiments showcased a deep connection formed over three decades, extending warm wishes to the state, its language, tradition, and culture. The event concluded with thunderous applause, marking a night etched in the memories of music lovers.

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Center of Attraction:
In a poignant moment, Sonu Nigam sang the Jagannath Bhajan “Toh agare kichi Dhupa” at #EkamraUtsav, leaving the audience emotional and spellbound. This heartfelt rendition reflected Nigam’s profound love and emotion for Jagannath Dham in Odisha, adding an extra layer of significance to the evening’s musical extravaganza. The echoes of Nigam’s melodious tunes lingered in the air, resonating with the spiritual essence of Jagannath Dham.


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